Enabling carers to provide better care

The system that turns your aged care facility into a smart building, acting as extra eyes and ears. Prevent and mitigate risks, for a safer and more efficient environment.

Validating compliance and preventing incidents

Fall prevention and real time fall alerts

Be alerted to falls as soon as they happen. Receive alerts when someone is stirring during the night, or enters an area where they're more likely to stumble if unattended.

Put an end to sexual harassment

Assign private rooms to individual residents and receive alerts for unauthorised room entry, or when suspicious behaviour is occurring.

Preempt and prevent aggression

Proximity based alerts can let you know when residents likely to engage aggressively are within range of each other.

How the Gretel system works

Data streams that work together

We aggregate dynamic data streams from your care environment to create a better understanding of what’s happening in real time and over time. Our system runs real time predefined logic, and logic which is based on facility defined rules, to provide alerts and meaningful insights to users of our dashboards and API.

Facility admins configure rules

People that are in charge of running or monitoring the system can access the facility dashboard, to monitor and make changes to the system.

Here you can create new alerts specific to the needs of the residents in your facility, as well as view analytics and reports.

Staff are alerted in real time

Staff can access their own dashboard on supported mobile phones, and receive alerts in real time. They can also see a live map of the facility so that they can easily locate people.

Meaningful connectivity for family

Authorised family can access a family dashboard which gives them daily updates on their loved ones activity and socialisation.

Here they can see where their loved one has been recently, and for how long, as well as see how many interactions they've had for the day. They can also view a live map with their loved one's current location.


Pricing is a per bed yearly subscription to the software, and includes access to all three dashboards (clinical, carer and family).

Please contact us to discuss what Gretel can reveal from your combined data streams, and which systems we’d recommend integrating during construction of your new build.

Estimate your venue

Based on a X bed facility, the estimated upfront cost is $XX, with an ongoing yearly cost of $XX.

The first year is covered in the upfront cost.

For a limited time only, pilots are currently $0 upfront, with a X bed facility costing $XX for 3 months.

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